TravElsewhere by Finding The Best Deals for Hotels & Flights

It’s summertime and many are scrambling to find great deals on hotels and flights. They are out there and many people are taking advantage of great deals to get the most bang for their buck. How does one find these deals? It’s easier than you may think. There are a variety of ways one can find these great deals if one just utilizes these tips and tricks presented by travelsewhere.

Online offers best hotel dealsGo to your favorite search engine and type in your destination and then hotels and flights. Persue the sites that pop up and select several to compare the deals. Don’t be afraid to call and ask, “is that the best you can do?”. Many times if there is short notice they will have rooms to fill and they will be willing to fill those rooms at a steep discount. These companies are very competitive so if you find one you really like but they don’t offer the lowest deals tell them who does and ask if they price match. It’s worth a shot and you have nothing to lose for just asking. has found some good deals for you.

Travel Agencies

Travel agencies are trained at locating the best deals for your travels. You can call around and ask what their great deals are and go from there. Tell them what you want and expect the best. Many can negotiate deals that you would’ve never thought of so ask questions, ask if this is the best possible deal etc. Don’t be afraid to do as above as well and tell your travel agent that you found it for less. They may be able to beat that price as well.

Package Deals

Watch for package deal advertising. Many great sites will offer steep discounts if you book your flight and hotel together. Some will even go in and offer discounts on cars as well if you book a car rental at the same time. Ask lots of questions when you book your flights and hotels and look for the fine print to make sure that you are getting the best possible deals.


Watch for coupons for two for one deals. These are offered throughout the year and are great deals. You can also do an online search on your favorite search engine for coupons, two for one deals and low priced deals.

Chamber of Commerce

Ask your local Chamber of Commerce who they might recommend. Businesses who are members will often give you a discount just for checking. You can often reap great rewards in this fashion all because you took a minute and asked.

Call Local Attractions

Get on the phone and call local attractions. Often they work closely with specific hotels and airlines to get package deals for their customers. They can refer you to these deals and in some cases they have discount codes that they will give you in order to secure the deals.

Call Local Hotels

Many local hotels work closely with local attractions to provide you with the least expensive way to see the local attractions for example. Disneyland is famous for this. If you get a package deal and stay in specific hotels you get steep discounts on their tickets.

Watch For Guarantees

travelsewhere - best prices on flightsIt’s not uncommon to find guarantees such as, “guaranteed best price or your money back”. Keep a copy of this, your booking information and watch for less expensive options. You may just make some money on your vacation in this fashion. Even if they only send you $50 you’ve made some money so keep copies of deals you see like this and ask your booking agent if they honor these deals too. While you’re at it, ask your agent what guarantees they have if you find a better deal. Many will honor the lower price and give you the difference. Some will honor the lower price and refund your money. Whatever the route they take you are sure to win with this trick.

Sky Miles

Many people collect sky miles and use these to reduce the cost of the flight when traveling.

Now that you know how to find the best deals for hotels and flights it’s time to begin planning that great vacation you’ve always dreamed of. Travelsewhere wishes you a relaxing holiday!

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